BTU/HR: 170,000

Premier 170 2.0 Fuel Type: LP Gas

The Premier® 170 2.0 portable heater offers the ultimate combination of efficiency and convenience. With an enclosed flame design this direct-fired portable heater combines 99% fuel efficiency with the convenience of heat that can be ducted up to 12 feet. Generates less than 70 dB of sound so you can comfortably have a conversation while operating. Operates from propane gas and produces 170,000 BTU per hour with 1200 CFM of heated air output. Easily start from a reliable electronic ignition and manage temperature with remote thermostat. Manufactured in Wisconsin from durable components to provide years of dependable performance. Backed by a 2-year warranty and lifetime of technical support.


  • Enclosed flame promotes safer work environments and provides option to duct
  • 99% direct-fired fuel efficiency boosted by remote thermostat, and option to move air only like a fan
  • Quiet with less than 70 dB operation
  • Fits through standard 36" door frame while handles and wheels provide maneuverability
  • Hose, regulator, and thermostat included


PREMIER® 170 2.0
BTU/HR Rating 170,000
Heated Air Output (CFM) 1,200
Fuel Type LP
Fuel Consumption LP Gas Max 7.9 lbs/hr
Amps (Start/Continuous) 7.3 / 5.0
Motor Horsepower 1/3 HP
L x W x H (in.) 32.3 x 24.3 x 32.0
Shipping Weight (lb) 161.0
Case Material Tri-Shield
Ventilation (fan only) Standard
Ducting Diameter (in.) 12
Ducting Max Length (ft.) 12
U.S./Canadian Certification Yes



Duct 12” X 12’, (incl. adapter ring)
Part #: 26347

Sold separately.

Unit Diffuser

Unit Diffuser Part #: 26351

Sold separately.

End Diffuser

End Diffuser (fits on end of 12” dia. ducting)
Part #: 26350

Sold separately.

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