BTU/HR: 1,000,000

Foreman 500 DF Fuel Type: Dual Fuel (LP/NG)

The Commander™ portable make-up air unit is a make-up air/hidden flame unit that manages air conditions in construction sites where improved air quality, temperature control, and moisture reduction is a necessity. These areas demand tempered heat while maintaining positive pressure all done using the Commander's™ modulating control and powerful air flow that is proven. The Commander™ Series is built and designed using our industry leading knowledge for rugged and efficient products. Operates from propane gas or natural gas, indoor/outdoor rated, and produces 1,000,000 BTU per hour. Equipped to move manually, with forklift pockets or lifting bail. Manufactured in Wisconsin from durable components to provide years of dependable performance. Buy this certified portable unit with confidence – backed by a 2-year warranty and lifetime of technical support.


  • Constant air exchange: By exchanging the air with fresh air, moisture and contaminants in the air will be replaced.
  • Provides tempered fresh air: As fresh air is drawn through the unit it is temperature controlled through modulation.
  • Modulating control reduces fuel costs: The Commander™ uses modulation to throttle the gas valve applying only the necessary fuel to maintain setpoint.
  • Maintains positive building pressure.
  • 1,000,000 Btu/h
  • Dual Fuel (LP/NG)
  • L.B. White LINK™ Telematics-enabled to put critical alerts, runtime, location, and more at your fingertips.


BTU/HR Rating 200 - 1,000,000
Heated Air Output (CFM) 6,000
Fuel Type LP, NG
Fuel Consumption LP Gas Max 11.03 Gal/Hr.
Fuel Consumption NG Gas Max (cu. ft./hr) 1000 CFH
Amps (Start/Continuous) 8.5
L x W x H (in.) 72.44 x 35 x 56.08
Shipping Weight (lb) 637.0
Ventilation (fan only) Standard
Ducting Diameter (in.) 24
Ducting Max Length (ft.) 100
U.S./Canadian Certification US Only



Duct 16” dia. x 25’ L
Part #: 30076

Sold separately.


Duct 24” X 25’
Part #: 133767

Sold separately.


Duct 20” dia. x 25’ L
Part #: 30053

Sold separately.

Forklift Pocket Kit

Forklift Pocket Kit Part #: 133940B

Sold separately.

Stacking Base

Stacking Base Part #: 133994B

Sold separately.


Thermostat No cord included
Part #: 09381

Sold separately.

Remote Digital Temp Control

Remote Digital Temp Control Part #: 133951

Sold separately.

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