BTU/HR: 170,000

Premier 170 Fuel Type: LP Gas

With a 99% fuel-efficiency and enclosed flame design, L.B. White Premier® heaters deliver safe, dependable heating and air circulation to tents and temporary spaces.

The Premier® heaters high efficiency and even heat pattern make it an ideal solution for tent and temporary heating applications. Premier® heaters can be used to provide heat or simple air circulation. Use inside or duct heated air from the outside. This model runs on LP gas.

Premier® heaters are designed to withstand extreme outdoor environments and have a reputation for reliability, durability, and serviceability in the field.


  • 170,000 Btu/h
  • LP model
  • Uses 120V, 60Hz, single phase electrical supply
  • Direct-fired = 99.97% fuel efficiency
  • Not recommended for sleeping environments; proper air exchange required
  • Flexible indoor or outdoor placement
  • Totally enclosed flame
  • High volume of air output for maximum heat distribution and ductability
  • Dependable, electronic spark ignition
  • Easy to transport with lift handles and heavy-duty wheels (wheels are semi pneumatic).
  • CSA U.S., CSA Canada, and CE Type Certified models


PREMIER® 170 2.0
BTU/HR Rating 170,000
Certified for use in US & CAN Yes
Running Decibels 70
Fuel Type LP Gas
Minimum LP Gas Tank Size (gal) 100
Fual Fuel Option (LP/NG) Yes
Power Requirements (Run Amps) 5
Size L x W x H (in.) 32 x 24.5 x 28.5
Standard Accessories (Ship with Unit) Hose, Regulator, Thermostat
Optional Accessories for Air Distribution (Order Separately) 12" Unit Diffuser OR 12" x 12" Duct Kit + 12" End Diffuser



Duct 12” X 12’, (incl. adapter ring)
Part #: 26347

Sold separately.

Distribution Duct

Distribution Duct White, 12" dia. x 3' L
Part #: 23870

Sold separately.

Unit Diffuser

Unit Diffuser Part #: 26351

Sold separately.

End Diffuser

End Diffuser (fits on end of 12” dia. ducting)
Part #: 26350

Sold separately.

Additional parts & accessories are available here.


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